The McDonough Democrat, Inc., with a complete Graphic Design department, has the capability of designing your project from scratch, or using your existing files to produce your printed product.

Our creative staff has years of experience in graphic design. Brochures, direct mail pieces, newsletters, posters, letterheads, business cards, calendars, pocket folders, magazines, soft cover books, hard cover books... we've done it all.

Vicky Conway is head of
our composition department. Having over
25 years experience with the McDonough Democrat, she has a wealth of experience in the graphic design field. Whether you need us to design your printed piece from scratch, or maybe just a little help on the final touches, Vicky can get it done.

Our stripping department has transitioned to an all new CTP (computer-to-plate) system. CTP is the latest technology to get your files from computer directly onto the printing plate, eliminating the need for making films, and ensuring your printed piece is of the utmost quality.

stripping John Jones, having been with us for over 30 years, has experience in many departments at the McDonough Democrat. Currently working in the stripping department, John is in charge of getting your job from prepress to the presses. He looks over every job to make sure it is correct and ready to go before sending it on to the press room, preventing potentially costly errors further down the production line.


Cindy Boone
Vicky Conway
John Jones
Doug Livermore
Pam Livermore
Bruce Lorton
Brenda Myers
David Norton
Andy Suter
Jerry Winget